Knowing you can’t help everyone!

You see I joined policing to help; to make a difference. But, I quickly realized I couldn’t help everyone. That was hard! Hard b/c I thought I could! ⁣

When I realized I couldn’t; I felt defeated, I felt I failed! But I didn’t! You see, I helped those who needed and wanted help… though I tried to help others, it was hopeless, for they weren’t ready! Not knowing they weren’t ready, weighed heavy on Me, b/c like I said; I wanted to help everyone, but couldn’t. ⁣

Knowing that In our heart of hearts we are doing right, is all we need when it comes to doing what we do, and if we continue to do what’s right in our hearts; then we are right in the world. ⁣

I swore to protect and serve no matter race, colour, creed, gender or belief; I swore to protect all that stood before and behind me! And I will always continue to protect and serve whenever I am asked to! ⁣

I am honoured to wear this badge upon my chest and will always be proud of the community I serve! ⁣

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